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Discrete Fracture Network Modelling Software

About MoFrac

MoFrac is a software package developed at MIRARCO MINING INNOVATION that generates 3D fracture network models for rock mass characterization.

Driven by the need for safer and more efficient geotechnical design, MoFrac implements methods developed by R. Mohan Srivastava to create DFNs well-suited to both civil and mining applications.

Using more of what we know

Aligned with the philosophy of ‘using more of what we know’, MoFrac models are guided by geostatistical rules and constrained by data. The data can come from aerial,surface, and/or underground mapping. MoFrac models can range from the metre scale typical of underground tunnels and pillars, to regional studies supported by aerial surveys. DFNs generated by MoFrac have been validated in case studies considering underground excavations, surface slope studies, and regional scale modelling.


Geomechanical Analysis and Research

MoFrac is an extensible platform for geotechnical engineers and researchers. MIRARCO Mining Innovation is available to assist with software integration customization and training.


MoFrac DFNs

Can be used for a broad range of geomechanical modelling applications.

  • Mine design
  • Rock characterization
  • Kinematic analysis of wedge failure
  • Blast optimization
  • Block size distributions
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Reservoir modelling
  • Contaminant transport
  • Hydraulic fracturing


  • Properties such as fracture intensity, orientation, termination, size, shape and undulation are defined for each fracture group.
  • Subregions can be defined with localized fracture group properties.
  • Defined surfaces act as boundaries to model rock excavations.
  • MoFrac utilizes Microsoft MPI, allowing for multiple cores to be used for faster modelling.

Field Data

  • Field data, such as mapped fracture traces and borehole data, constrain where fractures are seeded.
  • Stochastic constraints to best represent input data.
  • Several analyses of completed fracture networks can be carried out:
    • Identification of continuous unfractured sub-volumes.
    • Built metrics plug-ins assess DFN models for constraints and agreeance with mapped data.
    • Fracture intensity variability and characterization.

Request a Quotation

Special accommodations can be made regarding license fees for researchers at Canadian academic institutions. Please contact us at for more information.


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